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Forum Thread: How to Use Loft Boss or Base Tool in SolidWorks 2015

This is how to tutorial video showing how to use loft boss or base features tool in solidworks 2012 with step by step. This video shows the very basics of loft boss or base tool uses. This method is applicable for all version of solidworks from 2012 up to latest release of 2016. The model created in this solidworks video tutorial is simply used for showing an example. Watch it now.

Forum Thread: How to Remove Vocals Completely from a Song?

I tried many times to remove vocals completely from a song but I didn't succeed. Every time I remove them I find some vocals remaining. I tried many ways such as Invert, Equalization, Vocal remover and they worked but not properly. I found some vocals from minute 2:00 to minute 3:00. I can upload the song so that you check it if you want. I will upload the original version and the edited version so that you compare and understand what I mean. RSVP!

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