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Forum Thread: Learn How to Replace a White Sky with a Blue Sky Using Photoshop CC, CS6

Video: . In this photoshop photo editing tutorial, we will learn how to take a grey (gray) overcast, cloudy, or over exposed sky and make it blue and sunny looking. This is a great tutorial for Photoshop beginners! In this tutorial you'll learn how to paint a sky blue in Photoshop. This is a very easy tutorial to learn how to change color of sky. Using same method and with different gradient you can replace a dull grey sky in Photoshop a nd make grey skies blue again.

Forum Thread: Pre Settings for Guitar

Hi, My son is going to music gymnasium and plays a lot with Garageband. The biggest problem is that he don't get the sound he wants from hes electrical guitar. And it's a lot of work getting the sound as you like. Specially if you are not a Garageband (or any music software) expert user.

Forum Thread: How to Remove Line Breaks in Excel

This tutorial will teach you How to remove line breaks in excel. There can be different reasons for line breaks occurring in your text. Usually, carriage returns appear when you copy text from a webpage, get a workbook that already contains line breaks from a customer, or you add them yourself using Alt+Enter.

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