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Forum Thread: IMovie Won't Import or Create New Project - Only on Guest User.

Yesterday while working on an iMovie project, my computer crashed. And after I reopened the iMovie application, something is wrong. My projects shows with red color in both the video and audio files. I read somewhere that I have to import the files into iMovie for it to work again. The problem is I can't import. When chosen a file, the import button doesn't respond. I can't create a new project either. It says 'The act could not be done' (or something like that - my computer is in danish )

Mail Merge Software: Hello.

Hello. I'm looking for a piece of software to help me with mail merges. Specifically, I'm looking for a piece of software/Outlook add-ons that will allow me to insert custom fields (along with the Last Name, First Name, Address, etc. fields, especially with regard to if/then statements), CC and BCC mail merge recipients, and attach documents.

Forum Thread: How to Resize Image or Photo

From time to time we all face a problem of images being too large– to be shared on a web-site, via e-mail or to be inserted in a presentation. It is fine if we are talking about an image or two, but resizing hundreds of images sounds like a tedious task. That is why we have PhotoBulk, a batch image processor that provides numerous image editing tools that can be used for any number of images. Step 1:

Forum Thread: Color Pulse in Black and White

I have a video that has color, but I made the video black and white inside Sony Vegas. I have a song in the video and there's a part where I want the color to ripple color of the video from the center outwards and once it hits the edges of the screen the center starts going back to black and white. Help please.

Forum Thread: How Do I?

I have an effect I want to create in AE and need to know if anyone has any ideas for presets that might work for me. Is this how I'm supposed to post a request for how-to ideas? The How-To post seems to presuppose that I'm posting the solution, when actually I'm posting the problem. But if that is the best way to get my question answered, I can repost there. Briefly, though, I have embedded an animation showing the effect I want. Please post a How-To if you know how to do this. Thanks in adva...

Embird: How Do I Add Text to Existing Digital Design

I Am Having Trouble Sorting Through Embird. I Need to Know How to Add Text to an Existing Digital Design(Specifically a Quilt Label). Have Purchased Font Engine, Plus a Couple of Individual Fonts. I Am Getting Nowhere in Editor or Studio. Is There Someone in Northern California or Reno Who Can Teach This Program?