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Forum Thread: Multiple Photos in Same Frame for Slideshow

Hi. I've figured out how to remove the black borders on a single photo. However, I'm working on a slideshow which has 2 still photos on the same frame. When I do 2 photos, I can't figure out how to remove the black borders, which means both photos are centered/overlapped in the middle and there's an excess of black border on both sides. Can someone help me figure out how to put the photos side by side and take up as much room of the frame as possible? It's urgent - it's for our wedding next w...

Forum Thread: Pre Settings for Guitar

Hi, My son is going to music gymnasium and plays a lot with Garageband. The biggest problem is that he don't get the sound he wants from hes electrical guitar. And it's a lot of work getting the sound as you like. Specially if you are not a Garageband (or any music software) expert user.

Forum Thread: Hey There

I would like to make a short film to show at a cinema (ie huge screen) If I have large files and save in/ export in HD will it be good enough quality to show at this huge size?

Forum Thread: How to Model a Wine Glass in 5 Minutes

Maya Beginner Tutorial - How to Model a Wine Glass In 5 Minutes. In this basic maya tutorial you will learn how you van create a wine glas real quick by using mayas revolve function. You can use this technique to create a lot of objects, bowl, bottle and so on. Modeling is fun. Start today!